Why state employees do not understand how another part of the country lives

So, hiking to the store served as the topic for the new article. And the authors of Zen also say that the themes are difficult to find. They are all under their feet. So, going to the nearest supermarket to twist, at the exit, saying hello to the cashier

And I told the girl: «I like my husband, he is a statemate, sitting at home, and he is paid.» I will not say that I was pleased with the people. It has become unpleasant that our life has divided us on lucky and losers, not even in our fault. It became very interesting to me how many state employees in our country, which will be relatively easy to survive this time.

The newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» found out that each second in Russia is involved in the budget sector. The total number of state employees and officials is 33,000,000 people. Recently, it has become very popular to seek the work where we are consistently paid. And this in our conditions is possible only in the budget sector.

State employees are the basis of government support during election votes. And now in this situation in the country, the state is trying to maintain the people loyal to her. Such a situation with a large number of people involved with the service of the state affects the economy and GDP, but at the same time ensures the stability of power.

Here’s how recently blogger from Russia, on the channel

And where the blogger lives, and this is the state of California, the governor decided to pay money not only to citizens, but also the illegals who, according to him, make a noticeable contribution to the state economy. Support B.

In the comments of my articles, people complain about their difficult position. Someone begins to attack, calling them nodes. But these are people from a different life that are now concerned about their isolation than the problem of food. And this is just a state employee. Accordingly, people are born a feeling of indignation. Swimming are stretched to the entire screen of the computer.

I do not want to say anything for statements that pensioners. They deserved their money. But people from the working budget sphere do not understand how another part of the country lives. And it seems, do not even try. And what to do a person engaged in outside the budget sector? Work is closed. It is impossible to exit. A penalty can also be added to the lack of money. There are no savings, as salaries and so small, enough only at least.

Who can ask? Tighten yourself to credit slavery? And why, should I draw myself into debts when I relied only on your hands earned? Where do we have, charitable support funds, people in a difficult situation? Ay? So, there are comments from people who do not know who can help them complete the negative. It’s a shame, for the country with the largest table of Mendeleev and many more and many resources.

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