Why the echelon tanks Abrams NATO arrived in Romania, getting closer to Russia

I do not think that in the alleged conflict between

While we live in the feeling of a democratic or almost friendly West, which does not particularly consider us the enemy, the echelon Abrams tanks, combat vehicles and several arrogant helicopters arrived in Romania. This

It is assumed that all military equipment and infantry will spend 9 months

Romanians posted a lot of photos and rollers movement of compositions with military equipment. What would our grandfathers say, who freed Europe, knowing that now the borders of Russia again reflect. As they say in the West, all against the aggression of the Russian Federation. Look at how aggressive Russia, which is forced to arrange hundreds of NATO bases along the entire border.

How long will this confronting the West and the East? Learn the story. If you think that we are eurozoving even more than the West itself, we will call him more trust, then mistaken. At the heart, not the struggle of states, peoples, systems. And the genetic struggle for survival. Look or read

Several thousand years ago, there was already a great war between nations

But now countries