Why the project «Flying Plate» was collected in the USSR

Scientists from the Soviet Union made a lot of discoveries, because the Scientific School of the USSR was one of the best in the world. At the same time, very many projects turned out to be cooked and classified, although even the modern scientific world considers them ingenious and interesting.

Only in recent years it has become aware of the majority of such projects. One of these developments was the aircraft Filimenko — he was a magnetic aircraft. Ivan Stepanovich Filimenko — Soviet scientist — physicist.

It became known about it in the 50s. The last century, then he was still a young scientist, who first took the topic of cold nuclear synthesis. The advanced direction is even at the time, since today it is not repeated in laboratory conditions.

Secondly his project was this magnetic aircraft. We know very little about the project. According to eyewitnesses, the aircraft should have moved on the basis of the interaction of magneto-fields

The air emblemission and shielding circuit should also be based on the aircraft. The magnetic field should have been reacted with charged particles. It is also known about what material the disks of the Filimenko aircraft should be created.

It was a dielectric with metal particles, and all this in contact with a magnetic field. If the device moved perpendicularly, the strength of the interaction became maximum, if in parallel it disappeared completely. According to the calculations of the scientist, the discs were to rotate at a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute.

This would allow the aircraft to have a lifting force in several tens of tons. An incredibly ambitious project, and Filimenko needed assistance in financing to continue its development. There is an unconfirmed information that he was supported by the Korolev with Kurchatov until the mid-60s of the 20th century.

When both scientists left this world, the project turned. And he was cooler at the initiative of Marshal G. K. Zhukov. When the project was closed, no one said anything for more than 30 years. Already in recent years, the 1990s, Filimenko returned to the magnetic. But more about developing nothing to find out and failed.

In 2013, the scientist did not. Nowadays, some scientists believe that no radio tag was not at all, and all the rumors about him are only a newspaper duck. It will not be published at least some information about the Filimenko project, it will be impossible to fully in this story to the end.

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