Why the republics of the former USSR hate Russia

Do you know why I decided to write this article?

Here I have a head and spoke from indignation.

And who is now hearing for the Baltic States? Previously, my friends arrived there, they could buy such things and products that people in Central Russia have never seen never in life.

Here is a small quote from it:

Yes what is! In Soviet times, everyone found themselves work at their place of residence, and now half of Central Asia wanders around Russia in search of work and we again usurpers. We discussed this disgrace with my acquaintances and again I forgot about this fact for several years.

So far, at the time of our universal seating, the house did not revise the literature in the home library. I wanted to read something, how forever did not reach my hands because of work. And again it came across the textbook, the truth is already Georgian, which I onceighted from the Georgian family living now in Russia and working on the coast. Then it was interesting to read how one story was covered from different sides.

And so:

Words about treachery, occupation of poor and freedom-loving Georgia, the Russian Empire, and then the USSR. Here those on, well tried gentleman

The older generation living in these republics still tells young people as they really lived in the USSR. As the people of the country could communicate, be friends and even to start families, not knowing borders and some rejection. As we drove each other, but they felt like a common, great and strong country.

But the time and memory of Human will be weaker, and the texts from the history will be given as evidence of the true state of affairs.

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