Why the rock generation of the 60-70 years will like the book of Nicholas Imx

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Beautiful feeding of Julia of the new book

In many characters, the main characters can find references to the one who of them could be a bass guitarist, drummer, guitarist, vocalist.

When I told my friend about the release of this book and how the girl blogger «delicious» talked about her, we together rushed to the bookstore. Friend, his name is Alexander, ten years older than me and in his life Rock means more than in mine. I am from the disco generation. He often told how in his youth, they fell with friends to foreign radio wave and through the muffler listened to new trends of the West. Everything was, long hair, gathering to the music, fashionable clothes are not like everyone else.

And now, when we are going to a bachelor party, listen only to rock composition. I am drawn up.

Therefore, the book went to taste both. I think you also remembered the times of your youth. Many have passed all the stages of various areas of rock culture. Yes, the USSR lasted in this regard from around the world. But we all managed. Everyone passed.

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