Why the Russian-language blogger helps people

Russian-speaking blogger

Eduard, blogger millionth. And even after several blocks of his channel for special content, he recovered his audience in a rapid time. And about the earnings of it, it is worth only to guess. Advertising, Merch, partnership, gives him the opportunity to shoot quite expensive on the cost of the rollers. And these costs include and simple distribution of money on the street to people. This is also worth attributed cars given to subscribers.

Yes, this is such a generosity that comes sometimes before

When a blogger with the help of subscribers or its money, has material assistance to people in a difficult financial situation. It may be simple bums, single old men, disabled. There are also several successful bloggers who specialize in such a content —

I tried to go to this niche and Edward Beel. From the first rollers, admitted, I was driving my usual mockery for him. But on, the content has become much better. What is worth helping Boss Alexander, who acquired his residential van and means for life. And the last video, where BIL presented a new house «Deputy Sneaker»? This man really became a correction path.

Further, the feed van for the shelter of animals and the construction on its territory of the warehouse. Help child house. Retailed money to the elderly in stores and on the street. Want to say it just a PR and care in a trend topic? Of course! However, a person having millions of subscribers is capable of setting a fashion to the same assistance to people in need. And it really happens.

You know, I am watching myself in life, as the topic raised by bloggers, the need for needing is not just popular, but also carry some kind of educational character. I myself have help with people who ask her or when I see that help is needed. True, I do not remove all this on the video. I just give people money, helping products if they are even the latter in my wallet. Because I know, I can earn.

So, beat and similar bloggers are needed to our world. Let them do everything to show, in the public, but the feeling of compassion for other people they are still in us. And it is very nice to see how another person appears hope that he is not thrown in life. He has hope for a normal life. What do you think you think, a good deal makes Edward Beel?

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