Why the Russians are rejoicing dismissal from Rosnano Anatoly Chubais

It is difficult to list all the «merit» before the Fatherland of Anatoly Chubais. This name for many years was all of us for hearing and always binds to such a fact. If this person stands at the head of any of the branches of the economy of the Russian Federation, it means that it is expected to collapse or final destruction.

What is the modern Russia merit of this person. One of the ideologues of perestroika, unfortunately under the full patronage of the West. I think that part of a good existing now, this has happened contrary to the activities of the inspiration. The task of infusion of our country in the economy of the Western world was performed brilliantly.

Simple people cannot say good words from this activity. Since all the best, conquered by our ancestors in the USSR descended from the hammer. We all remember the privatization checks that are enriched at all. Work in the government until 1998. Then, work at the head of RAO «UES of Russia» and crushing of this giant, an increase in tariffs for the population.

Next, the intermediate work by the employee of the International Council of the Bank «J. P. Morgan Chase». Americans I think well earned to earn during this period, but not we. And in the end, Anatoly Chubais was raised to develop (or finally erased) Russian technologies in Rosnano Corporation.

Remember Russian iPhones, computers, breakthrough technologies. I do not remember. But gigantic money went to this activity. Only our scientists, more than ever, massively reached out to build the economy of the Western world. Yes, and tablets for schoolchildren, Russian production, we somehow did not happen.

Anatoly Chubais, this is a loud scandal, condemnation of the Colonel of the Chief Intelligence Department of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces of Russia retired Vladimir Kvachkova, who has seen from 2008 to 2019 for an attempt to attempt to Anatoly Chubais. Quadkov, then he was talking about the destructive activities of this person.

And it became known that since December 3, 2020, Anatoly Chubais was resigned from the post of Chapter Rosnano. The Kremlin called the resulting fact a simple rotary process. Now our technological company will lead the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military Industrial Commission

I think this news will still be discussed by the Russian press. The value of this resignation. But I am very inclined to opinion, in this resignation there is its own background. Especially good about this Artem Vothethenkov, on his channel

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