Why the Soviet power was against the appearance of pioneers

When we remember the Soviet era, then the pioneers are one of her characters. Most of the older generation representatives were pioneers. Some dreamed of becoming them, and for some students, the pioneer weekdays were a boring duty. So what did Pioneers do, and they were eventually disbanded?

The origins of pioneeries originated from scouting, which was a voluntary youthful movement aimed at the harmonious human development: physical form, flexible mind and spiritual values. He founded his British Colonel Powell, whose books read Nikolai second.

Nikolai liked the ideas of the British and therefore he ordered to publish all his works. Was formed in 1909 in the royal village, the first squad squad. Until the overthrow of the monarchy in Russia, not less than 50 thousand people became scouts. After the Bolsheviks came to power, various youth unions began to appear, which were sent demanded a new ideology

For Komsomol, scouts were competitors, they were afraid of rivalry. In 1919, by order of the new government

But Komsomol again opposed. He argued that scouts do not contribute to the traditions of communism. Only after Krupskaya showed perseverance, since 1922, the first pioneer groups began to appear together with the Pioneer Pravda newspaper. The word «pioneer» meant «Pioneer».

Since then, the era of pioneers has begun. After Lenin died, they began to be called «young Leninists». Scouts remained in the country, but Lyuto’s pioneers did not love them and constantly found the relationship with them. It is known that in 1922, scouting, although it was banned, but moved to an illegal position.

Until 1936, the pioneer organization was forbidden to join the wishing scouts. The pioneer was supposed to be

In 1940, a new trend came, new pioneers appeared — «Young Timurovtsy». After the release of the very popular and propaganda book by A. Gaidar, Timur and his team. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic

Nevertheless, not all of the pioneers became known from the positive side. In the post-war time, one of them — Petr Klypa, became a gangster and hit the camp for 7 years. Starting from the 1950s. The direction of the pioneer movement ceased to be military. In 1970 — 1980s. The approach to pioneers has become more formal.

They took each student who was 10 years old. But if excellent students and good people could count on the fact that they will be taken to pioneers in a solemn atmosphere, then the two-shifts were simply recorded in pioneers, without a festive setting. But the children of priests in pioneers the path was closed.

First, they were given, and secondly, many of them were really religious, and did not even imagine themselves in a pioneer organization

Despite the fact that special pioneers were held

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