Why the USSR is a settling people, and Russia nomads

I was always interested in this word, settled people. That is, it is understood that people live in one place for a long time, they are mainly engaged in agriculture and are not inclined to vouch on the white light. So at least explain to us many directories.

But there is still such a word as «ranged.» And in this case, we have a concept about people who are moving on horseback. Well, maybe still on donkey. There are even elephants, camels are settled by many peoples for the possibility of movement. Previously, such people were historically ranked to nomads. But not a fact.

What I am leading this conversation. But what. In just some of the 100 years, our country has passed two periods. I do not know how to say, development or just being. Imagine the USSR for a very many years was a closed country for the whole world. Of course, it was not fully closed. There were many people who wish to come and without demand.

But people behaved essentially a settling lifestyle. Not traveled throughout the planet. They developed their native land flasks. Moved around the country is not willingly, many even forced. If it was time to relax, splashed in native shores. They like or not our service, there was no choice.

And so, the USSR collapsed. The borders of the country gradually began to open. And we began to know the world, travel to neighboring and distant countries. Split in the seas, which were not even dreamed of. In 2019, within 48,072,285 people visited Russia outside Russia. Imagine this figure compared to the USSR period.

In just some hundred years, the population began to behave almost differently. If earlier, it answered all signs of a settlement people, then in our time unexpectedly turned into a nomadic people. It is nomadic because other countries began to choose for a long or temporary residence.

Now I will explain what I’m clone. To the fact that when they talk about the people in the population and inhabiting our country that someone was a settled people, as Slavs, someone’s nomads, like Turkic peoples, the definition itself is in most cases false. Change the living conditions and the people change. This is spoken by numerous archaeological finds of cultures.

Slavic «gene» is smeared almost from the Far East to the Atlantic Ocean in Europe. From the northern polar lands to the Middle East. There are also cases with Turkic peoples. And there were moments when people were not shifted from the place. What can it talk about?

Historians will say, the deterioration of living conditions forced the peoples to be filmed from the place in search of the best lobe. We assume that modern Russia is not at best times and people go to search for a better life. However, in this case, what happens to China? After all, it is stated by the government of this country that they could overcome poverty.

And Chinese tourists, businessmen? They are already almost in all countries of the world. This is an indicator of what? Interesting topic? Let’s discuss it in the comments as peoples in a short period can proceed from one quality and state to another. Maybe about the history of our country, we can understand a lot and find out for yourself.

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