Why the West fears the new association of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Many people study the history of the world, and many understand the essence of historical processes. Not to say that many in it perfectly dealt with, but the history of Russia should be a serious specialist know well. And sooner or later, some aspects that many other people who are interested in the history of their country are becoming clearly visible.

And the main aspect in the history of Russia has always been the problem of its association. In fact, Russia united twice. The first period of this association is the XI-XIII century. Then followed the second period — the XV-XX century. Today, it seems that the need for the third association has come.

You can argue as much as you argue about whether Russia existed to Rurik, or he was the first «gathering of Russian lands» — it does not matter, historians have no necessary data on the «Dururikov» period. But the history of the last two associations is well known. And you need to ask yourself — won Russia from such associations, or not?

To make clarity to the question, it should be determined what Russia is and what geographic borders had. Well, first of all it is the current Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. All other countries of the type of Baltic States, Kazakhstan and Siberia do not believe it was already, so to speak, colonial possessions.

So, when Rurik united the north, the center and the south of the territory on which the East Slavic tribes lived on the map of Europe, and then the world appeared a powerful old Russian state, which for some reason began to call Kievan Rus. With this state began to seek relationships other powers, both European and Asian.

It was the first flourishing of Russia with all of this arising. Who will say that not so — let the first throw a stone in me. But around the XII century, Russia began to crush, and the West played the first violin. Someone can start laughing, but from different historical documents we learn that the Roman dads constantly fluttering water in Russia, intending to split on religious sign.

Kiev began to be in western culture, including religious, and the North Princes did not like it. I tried the split attack on Rus first from the east of Mongol-Tatars, and then from the west of Lithuanians. So the first section of Russia took place. However, it was not 300 years old, as the re-association of Russia, started by Ivan III, and was finished by Joseph Stalin.

In 1945, Rus was re-collected in his ancient borders. Who will say that something lost from this association? Rus has become not only the first power in all Eurasia, but also for individual aspects — all over the world. Let’s not go into small unpleasant aspects that accompanied this union — in Europe, for example, things were going on and worse than in Russia.

And America generally united only after almost complete subordination of its Indians and only thanks to the work of their black slaves. And so, in 1991, there was another split of Russia. Someone can talk as much as possible about the internal contradictions that Rus ripped again, but more chassis, that this West has been economically broken by the USSR, and, choosing what to believe, you can simply combine these two versions.

The West used the internal contradictions in Russia, and therefore the ears of the West again stick out. In this regard, the question arises: what damn the West all the time destroys the united and indivisible Rus? Did he ever suggest something good separated by her fragments?

After the first division in the south of Russia (the outskirts, or Ukraine), there was no wenchantable state, and there were only permanent wars and ruins. The same thing was on white Russia, you just need to remember — how many times Smolensk switched from hand to hand throughout this time in bloody disassembly.

In general, nothing good West on Russia brought, except for the war and the impoverishment of the population in separated territories. And it is not necessary to argue — for some reason, the United Russia became strong, and all its surrounding offenders decline. But the war stopped, and Russia became the richest power, and not Europe.

Today we see something similar. Who will say that modern Ukraine for 30 years has become a Western European state? All the same poverty, oligarchs, war. And what about us on white Russia? There are no oligarchs and war, but there is poverty and no progress. All that is good in Belarus, she received from Russia, and for nothing.

If this aid was not, the oligarchs, and the war, and a big poverty, would appear. Asks — who needs this fragmentation? I answer — exclusively west. Well, the influence of the West does not apply to Belarus for a long time, and it is at the final stage of the unification with Russia.

In Ukraine, the West suffered a complete fiasco, and therefore it tries to dig out of this not a successful state, everything is possible, before you completely give up Ukraine. Recall that in the XVII century Ukraine (that is, Hetmanschina) also returned to Russia completely collapsed and encouraged by the West, but already in its composition began to develop rapidly in all respects.

Thus, we see that the West is needed only separated and weak Russia, and Russia joined the West is terrible. Therefore, always flows of mud streams to Russia, when it proceeds to the next unification of Russia.

So, the third association of Russia is coming, this moment is not far off. Europe suffered defeat and falls apart, not all well and in America. And not because they have bad things there that internal problems appeared — they just did not have to touch Rus.

As historical experience shows, Russia brutally revenged West for interference in their internal affairs. This revenge is coming and after the third association, hence panic in Europe and the USA. Feel the former «lords of the world», whose piece were flooded.

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