Will Russia, with self-insulation, again the reading country itself

Self-insulation and closure of stores not included in the list of socially significant life support objects deprived

Someone may take advantage of the book library already assembled in advance and will be able to spend his free time for reading favorite authors. But, the online cinema industry has significantly translated into its favor, the main mass of the people, thirsting to entertainment in the home circle.

Another thing, Internet sites that provide e-books. If last year, the share of the paper book market was 90% and only it was assumed that the e-book market could grow up to 20%, the beginning of the year, can significantly change these indicators. People start switching to non-paper media, especially since novelties on paper carriers are not available now.

I myself noticed how actively electronic platforms began to send to their subscribers, advertising proposals for the authors, discounts. Mobile applications for reading are significantly improved and this allows you to get a good accessible service. Only one question arises, or whether it is necessary for people at the moment?

People moved to life in savings, because it is not known, at what period of time, self-isolation stretches. The alarming situation does not have to go to read. Every person in our country worries the question, as I continue to live, what to come up. I know by myself, everything that earned a day by going to work, it was my pillow.

And the stock is already leaving, do not stretch, such people in our country are unfortunate about 70%. And even if I, as a person loving and enthusiastic books, I can not overcome the thought ricking me, how to exist further, the thought of reading and books looks even somehow not relevant. Although the media personality is trying to convince us that it is now time to do with self-education.

This is my opinion dear readers. What do you think? Leave comments.