Will there be a «refrigerator» in Russia to defeat the TV.

The most interesting confrontation that unfolds in Russia is not «Putin VS Navalny». The most interesting confrontation, whose participants we are all and which determines our political life is the struggle of the conditional «TV» and the same conditional «refrigerator».

The agenda can be designated so that wins in our perception of Russian reality? In the red corner of the ring — imperial ambitions, readiness is still «to suffer» for magnitude (this is «TV» with its propaganda, which tells how well we are well).

In the blue corner of Ring — the desire to live in prosperity, providing a normal level of socio-economic development and consumption, not according to official statistics, but by what is in our conditional «refrigerator». It would seem that the «TV» wins.

This even confirms the Levada Center recognized by the foreign agent.
But this is such a thing. If the main philosophical question is that it is primary, and what is the secondary — being or consciousness (what is known as «materialism» and «idealism»).

But in the same textbooks of philosophy there are monism, which leads us to the general beginning. If you start asking questions yourself, it will become clear that the advantages of the «TV» are illusory.

For example, what does «greatness mean» mean? Nuclear weapon? Wealth? Achieving culture material and spiritual? Welfare of citizens? All in aggregate? After all, the «TV» does not offer the criteria system.

And the «refrigerator» operates with all clear categories — prices are expensive, the refrigerator (no longer abstract, and your particular refrigerator in which you store food) will be empty.

As a conclusion, the spiritual food will not force the stomach, and the quality of this spiritual food leaves much to be desired (those who watch the TV channels will immediately understand what the speech is about).

After all, in 1905, and in 1917, and in 1991 people on the streets, as it turns out, outlined not conditional «TV» in the form of political propaganda, but a state of conditional «refrigerator». In this regard, spending on security forces and propaganda look even more strange.

Or maybe the thing is that there is no harmony? Well, imagine, you spend all day before the «TV» and resort to the kitchen to the «refrigerator» only a few minutes of advertising. It seems so far all is well.

Would you feel happier if you were sitting at the festive, rich and diverse table, running to the «refrigerator» without need and watched «TV»? Philosophical question.

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